Mini Teapot Shaped Tea Infuser Stainless Steel Loose Leaf Tea Strainer with Chain and Drip Trays


Easy to use , this stainless steel tea infuser is very to use, simply fill the basket with the tea of your choice. Give the top a quick twist and let it steep. Now you can replace your old tea bags and enjoy drinking fresh full flavored tea. The infuser is covered with fine holes for maximum water flow while only allowing very fine or powdered teas to escape, you can SAY NO to floating leaves.
Lovely teapot, shaped infuser looks amazing, your families and friends will love it. The extended length chain comes with an easy to connect open mouth hook and weighted medallion to hold it in place. You can easily set the infuser your desired optimal height. The attached hook lets the ball hang from your teapot or panhandle and is easily removable when your herbs have fully steeped.
Made of stianless steel , say no to flimsy infusers. The tea strainer is made of stainless steel for long durable repeated use. The stainless steel is gorgeous and they are easy to use. All components are made of 100% stainless steel keeping it safe and eliminating the possibility of residual flavors held by the other materials used for infusers.
Wild ranging used- The tea strainer works well with most leaf teas including green tea, oolong tea, rooibos and some finer herbal teas. Reduces floaties and tea debris in your mug and unwanted leaves floating in your cup. Works perfectly with both iced and hot tea, Even works with coffee. It is great for pitchers, mug and cup etc
More pratical, designed to be practical not just beautiful or attractive.

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