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Why we are unique?

Our products and working process are unique because like no other, we mix adaptogenic mushrooms (Reishi) with the best combination of medicinal herbs for each medical purpose. We focus everyday in providing all natural and organic products, with no sugars and additives in them.
Reishi as the primary ingredient remains a unique signature for Reishi & Health.

Herbal Teas

We make six different blends of functional teas with our Reishi and the best combination of organic natural herbs. Each blend has its particular health properties. With no additives, no sugars and no artificial flavoring, our locally grown blends are all completely organic and natural.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushroom varieties such as Reishi, Lion’s mane, Cordyceps, Turkey tail, and Shiitake are known for their adaptogenic qualities. Dried mushrooms have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, but new interest in their potential benefits have made them the new darling of the wellness world.

We want to promote health strength with conscious eating to our clients

Herbs are about more than physical results, they are also about mental benefits. The process itself is a form of self-care.
We provide health and wellness through tea ritual.
Our goal is to help people improve their living conditions so they can enjoy life to the full.

Properties of Our Products

Our products are characterized by being 100% natural, they help blood circulation, even at the brain level which is helpful in cases of cognitive diseases. They are also adjuvants to regulate the metabolism and the digestive system, combat fatigue, increase alertness and help you sleep and rest better.

Anticancer, Immune system boosters

Cholesterol Reducers


High levels of proteins and carbohydrates

Low amount of Fat

Presence of Vitamins

Healt benefits of microgreens eating vegetables

This is likely thanks to the high amounts of vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds they contain.
Microgreens contain similar and often greater amounts of these nutrients than mature greens. As such, they may similarly reduce the risk of the folowwing diseases:
Heart disease: Microgreens are a rich source of polyphenals, a class of antioxidants linked to a lower risk of heart disease. Animal studies show that microgreens may lower triglyceride and ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels.


Antioxidants-rich foods,including those containing high amounts of polyphenols,may be linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease


Antioxidants-rich fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in polyphenols, may lower the risk of various types of cancer. Polyphenol-rich microgreens may be expected to have similar effects.


Antioxidants may help reduce type of stress that can prevent sugar from properly entering cells. In lab studies, fenugreek microgreens appeared to enhance cellular sugar uptake by 25-44%

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate, or mate for short, is a traditional South American brew that has been said to offer the
“strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate” all in one beverage…

Functional Mushrooms

The functional or medicinal mushrooms has been found to be not only a gourmet food source, but an ancient medical tool.They have been used for more than 2000 years in Asia for medical purposes…

Perfect Cup of Tea

There is plenty of evidence that regularly drinking tea can have a lasting impact on your wellness.
Our teas are very similar to white teas, but they contain a blend of herbs, spices, fruits or other plants…

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