Roxana Aparicio

I am 48 years old and I am from Rosario, Argentina. I am a physician since 1998. I was raised in a family that has been running a Health Care Business for more than forty years. My father Francisco was born in Murcia, Spain, and moved to Argentina when he was 8 years old by ship. He traveled with my grandmother Adelina and my uncle Jose Luis, who was 3 years old. The journey lasted fifteen days. My grandfather, also called Francisco, was waiting for them in Buenos Aires, as he had moved a couple of months before.

Mother of three children, I have decided to change the course of my life when my husband and life partner for twenty five years, passed away at the age of 43.

Two years ago I got into the Functional Mushrooms world. All of a sudden I understood that this was my new commitment: to grow functional organic food, as a natural way to promote health and longevity. I wanted to build healthcare solutions from natural, free of chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavoring products.
But that was not the only change; I wanted to start this new project in another country, following the experience of my grandfather Francisco. This time the trip was easier than his; just ten hours of flight brought me to Houston. We arrived in Katy in January of 2021.

I founded Reishi & Health, a farm where we produce edible and medicinal mushrooms and microgreens indoors. All under organic conditions. But I did not do all this alone. Maria de los Angeles Cano shared with me all her experience growing mushrooms and working in the food industry for 20 years.

Reishi and Health is the project in which today I am  focusing all my energy with the purpose of still helping people but now through promoting organic and real food.

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