Roxana Aparicio

Hi! I am Roxana Aparicio, I am the founder and CEO of Reishi & Health. 

I am a physician and I have started this business about one year ago after the sudden death of my husband. I decided to give up traditional medicine and get into the functional mushrooms and teas world. Everyday, I put the best of my medical knowledge in this product to promote health and longevity in a natural and organic way.

I have created six blends of functional teas with Reishi mushroom and the best combination of organic natural herbs. Each tea has its particular health benefit.
With no sugars and no artificial flavoring, our products are all completely organic and natural. 

My goal is to bring health and wellness through the tea ritual. I consider this journey has just started and I am more than exited for what is about to come in the future!

For more information: Complete Interview

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